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MY spewer level

2009-06-01 19:04:54 by Malakuko

~White n Yellow Stains~

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Try it out, its a tricky one ;)
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MY spewer level

What im working on

2009-05-20 13:37:55 by Malakuko

Hey people, im currently workin on two short flash animations that should be pretty damn cool if there done by my standards :P I took two pics of a character from each animation, one you may recognise ;) something that was happenin in TF2 the other day suddenly gave me inspiration and i immidiately jotted down the storyboard, i wont give away tooooo much but lets just say the medic gets some healin. .. SEXUAL healin haha.

Aaaaaaaaand then theres that weird lookin pig faced fuck, thats a very short piece im doing based in a coloseum, not sure wether to give it a story or not, its more of an action sequence.

Yep well thats all, oh and the street fighter collab KICKS ASS :D I WANT SOME BUN CAKE! :D genius.

What im working on


2009-05-18 07:38:14 by Malakuko

I love demotivational posters :)


MY FIRST POST awwww :)

2009-03-03 17:33:38 by Malakuko

Well as you can see i have no vids up, thats guna change.

Im currently working on my entry for the .Mario Galaxy Collab

Not giving anything away yet, but it WILL be awesome, not sure WHO would be reading this so il end it short n sweet like